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You want more Frozen after seeing Frozen 2? Then look at this!

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Frozen is everywhere once again. The princess sisters Anna and Elsa have become as central to Disney culture as Mickey Mouse.  Now if you cannot get enough of Frozen fear not there is so much you can do to remedy that. 

Disney Frozen Adventures by Jam City 

For the kid in all of us there are many downloadable App games and online games including from Disney itself. here you can find games involving all the characters you can even design your own Holiday Card there.  Disney has also put together crafts and recipes centered around Frozen for family fun at home, everything from making snowflakes to Solstice Stew.  You can find many other games online that use Frozen characters in their games and the ideas on Pintrest can fill your house with more frozen than you can handle. You can also always buy the first movie on DVD along with the 2 mini movies Disney released earlier, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Frozen Fever.

Available to purchase are a multitude of games modeled around Frozen and its characters including Monopoly, Trouble, and Snakes and Ladders versions.  For younger kids in your family they have a Where’s Olaf game and several Memory games which are perfect to help with many aspects of development.  Card Games are always fun you can buy standard decks of cards with the Frozen theme.  You can buy a Musical magical Wand for your children or go full board and buy them the Frozen Karaoke machine with songs already loaded. 

For your home you can buy everything from pillows, blankets and sheet sets to actual furniture featuring the loved characters.  Of course the child size stuffed dolls are always a big hit along with the Barbie version for more play acting and don’t forget the Frozen Arendelle Castle. A Frozen Lego set would be a fun adventure for any child at all.  You can get Wall Stickers or full on wallpaper in frozen themes.  Then we can always dress up as our favourite characters from the movie the Sven Costume is so cute complete with ventilation system.

For this writer the many books are a plus for every child at every age and most adults too.  I love reading to children and watching their faces light up discovering new things or learning to read from these books themselves.  Reading is always one of the most important things you can do with your child.

As you can see there are many ways to feed that Frozen hunger while you are waiting for the third installment to come out.

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