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World War Z Sequel to Release in the Near Future!

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The long anticipated World War Z sequel has finally gotten an update but it’s one that fans weren’t excited for. World War Z was produced by Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleine which, the movie released back in June of 2013 making an solid $540 million in its box office run. Today the two producers finally gave an update about the sequel.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the two producers – who are in fact partners at Brad Pitt’s high quality production company called Brad Pitt’s Plan B reassured fans that the follow-up will be made “someday” as they claim that they’re eager not to give up on the franchise just yet. They went on to say “We love Max Brooks’s book,” Kleiner gushed. “We love the universe of it. It doesn’t feel like the World War Z is done and over with.”

Also stating “The pace of change is so quick that dogmas about what works and what the market is and all the bedrocks of certainty are hard to come by,” Kleiner added, as he discussed the obstacles of working in an industry that is forever evolving. “You’re relying on resourcefulness, on instinct, on relationships, on being nimble, being flexible, not being dogmatic. That can be challenging, but in that is a lot of opportunity,” he concluded.

Till this day many producers such as J.A. Bayona and David Fincher have been involved in the project but have left due to unknown reasons. Last year Paramount Pictures also had pulled the movie due to budget issues so overall this sequel has had a rough start.

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