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WHAT THE FOX: Disney Ditching Iconic Company Name In An Attempt To Rebrand

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It wasn’t long ago that Disney acquired the rights to Fox, as well as its countless assets, but Friday it was announced that in an ongoing effort to restructure the company, the corporate juggernaut will also be rebranding it.

Essentially, this means that Twentieth Century Fox is no more. Instead, the company is being renamed to 20th Century Studios, and Fox’s former indie distributor, Fox Searchlight, is also being renamed to Searchlight Pictures.

While it may feel like the end of an era, cinephiles shouldn’t be too worried. According to Variety, the first outlet to report this story, the signature lights and intro – including the iconic “Fanfare” jingle – will remain the same. The only major difference will be the lack of the word, “Fox.”

As sudden as this change may be though, the logos are already prepped and will be debuting next month! Prior to the film, Downhill, starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, moviegoers will see the new logo for Searchlight Pictures, while Harrison Ford’s upcoming The Call of the Wild will be the first film to unveil the logo for 20th Century Studios.

While subtle, these changes are without a doubt a major move for Disney, and a sign that the company is not playing around. We expect that more (and maybe even bigger) changes will follow as the year continues too.

What do you think of these changes? What are your thoughts on the new names? Let us know in the comment section down below or on Twitter @AppKernel.

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