What Lady and the Tramp did better than the Lion King.

I personally loved the Lion King and I know I’m not the only one that did. The Lion King made $125M on opening weekend which makes it the most profitable Disney remake yet.

Jon Favreau decided to create the style of the Lion King like a documentary. He wanted to make you forget you were watching your beloved film and wanted you to think you were watching a National Geographic nature documentary. He truly accomplished that, the CGI work of the film is unbelievable and probably has the most advanced CGI ever in a film. Visuals look beautiful, animation is excellent, shadows are perfected, lighting feels realistic and textures are very impressive.

One negative aspect of The Lion King was the emotions that the characters had. The voices were very energetic yet the facial expressions just were not there. It was very distracting at times since the characters were designed to be very realistic but the voices as I just said did not go well together.

Lady and the Tramp was just released on Disney+ on November 12th. (you can read our review here) Even though the film had a lot of negatives, it did one thing really well; emotions. Emotions were truly shown and animated really well. Disney didn’t focus on animating the dogs’ expressions as realistic as the Lion King and it proved that it simply works. Justin Theroux and Thessa Thompson did a phenomenal job as voice actors for Lady and Tramp.

I know the dogs in the film were real but the expressions were all CGI, and DIsney did great. This is what Lady and the Tramp did better than the Lion King. 

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