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What I want to see in Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker.

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Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker hits theatres next week. Fans across the globe have been waiting for premiere day with high anticipation and I’m definitely one of them. There are a lot of scenes I want to see in the film so here is most of what i’m expecting.

A heroic death

Every single epic conclusion to a saga needs a heroic death of a character or characters. Even though nobody wants to see our favourite heroes/villains die; it definitely adds weight to a film. Take Avengers: Endgame; Tony’s death will be never forgotten in geek history. I don’t want Kylo or Rey to die; but if JJ does it right, it could be a pretty awesome finale.

Rey’s Parents

It has been confirmed that we will finally get the backstory of Rey’s parents. I’m sure this will play a huge role in the film. Is she a clone? Is it Obiwan? Han? Palpatine? Who knows.

Maz Kanata Action Sequence

Maz Kanata is an incredible character with enormous potential to deliver quality screen time. We still haven’t had a single action sequence with her and i’m hoping we will get a killer sequence with Maz in The Rise of Skywalker.

Insane Lightsaber Battles

One of the factors of The Last Jedi that I hated the most was that there was no lightsaber battles. I’ve got a feeling that we will get a lot of scenes in The Rise of Skywalker between Rey and Kylo and i’m all here for them.

Emperor Palpatine

I’m really excited yet scared to see the way that Disney decides to bring Palpatine back. I’m sure Palpatine is going to have an epic and intense sequence.

Princess Leia 

I’m very curious to see the amount of screen time that General Leia will have.

Luke Skywalker

Luke “died” in the Last Jedi so I definitely want him to come back as a force ghost.

Lando Carlissian 

Woooohooo! The greatest smuggler in the galaxy is back! How will he come back? Is he Finn’s father?

Knights of Ren 

I’m expecting some very intense sequences with the Knights of Ren since we’ve been told about them so much on previous films.

R2D2 screen time

I feel like Star Wars has too many adorable droids. R2 was turned off in The Force Awakens and he had no screen time The Last Jedi. Can we please not forget about the most OG droid of all time please? Thank you.

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