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Waves Review – It will knock you down and leave you gasping for air!

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Waves, The title is so fitting to this film. The movie mentally crashes over you with a ton of emotions and Heartwrenching moments. This is one of those movies where it’s hard to review without giving away any big plot points or spoilers so I’m going to do my best at giving you a great review without Spoiling anything. The story follows a suburban African American family through some really complex and tragic events. It was Written and Directed by Trey Shults, I haven’t personally seen any of his work up until now and I was definitely made a fan of his after just this one film.

The biggest thing that stood out to me was the unique structure he used, in most movies, you spend the first part ramping up and meeting the characters trying to build up to the climax. Well not in this one. Waves is the only movie I have ever seen that right from the get-go it dives right into the action and is at the climax just a few minutes in. At almost the exact middle it drops off a bit and slows down, normally this would be the downfall of a movie but Shults wrote it in a way that even with the story slowed down it was still captivating and interesting purely on the fact that in a lot of stories I’ve seen it never really shows what happens after a tragedy or in other words the healing aspect of the storyline. It was so unique that it just goes to show how creative and out of the box Shults thinking is.

The cinematography was another high point in this film, there were so many beautifully captures scenes that just stood out and looked amazing. Going hand in hand with the cinematography is the score, the perfect music and sound were expertly placed throughout the movie that all of these strengths made it so easy to immerse yourself into the story along with these characters. This also leads to the one thing that didn’t really hit with me and that was one or two of the supporting roles I feel like they might be a bit unnecessary and could be cut out completely.

So as you can tell I loved this film even the slower pace at the end it never felt like a chore to finish nor did it feel like over two hours had passed. With all that said I’m going to be giving Waves 4 out of 5 stars. It was very close to hitting the 5 out of 5 mark but do to some of the things happening in the movie (that I can’t say without spoiling a big part) hit a personal nerve based on things that have happened in my life. Thanks again for checking out one of our reviews be sure to check back for more reviews and other movie related news.



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