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Vin Diesel’s Best Roles Ranked!

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One of the greatest action film stars in the business, Vin Diesel has entertained us with several classic characters over the past 30 years. Audiences have seen him save the world (and even the galaxy) on multiple occasions doing it through memorable characters of different shapes and sizes.

5. Xander Cage – XXX

Xander Cage has about the craziest backstory of any character in any action movie, ever. Vin plays an extreme sports athlete, wanted by the FBI who gets hired on by the NSA to find a weapon that hasn’t been accounted for since the fall of the Soviet Union…though far-fetched, the role perfectly suits the tough guy action star motif Vin was born to play.

4. The Iron Giant – The Iron Giant

Vin doesn’t do a lot of voice acting…but when he does, he’s hardly noticeable (which is a very good thing). This was the case when Vin played the titular character in 1999’s The Iron Giant. The film is a cult classic and a memorable part of several millennial childhoods.

3. Richard B. Riddick – The Chronicles of Riddick

Back in the year 2000, Vin starred in Pitch Black, a space/action/horror film. He played “Riddick” a prisoner and former military man who through surgery has gained the ability to see in darkness (though also now has a sensitivity to light). The movie was a surprise hit in the box office and led to Diesel’s first franchise with sequels The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Riddick (2013)

2. Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers

It’s easy to forget that Vin Diesel voiced everyone’s favorite sentient tree- alien when he only mutter three words, but Groot is #2 on my list of best roles. Despite only saying “I am Groot,” Vin was able to make us laugh, cry and awe over this Marvel hero. Vin has so far lent his voice for Groot in both Guardians of the Galaxy films, Avengers:Infinity War, Avenger’s Endgame as well as the Wreck-It Ralph sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet.

1. Dominic “Dom” Toretto – The Fast and the Furious

Was there any doubt when you started reading this list that Dom would end up #1 in the rankings? The leader of everyone’s favorite crime fighting, street racing, world saving team has been entertaining us on the big screen for nearly two decades. When the next installment (working title F9) comes out in 2021, it’ll be Vin’s 8th time playing this role.

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