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‘Underwater’ Review – A lifeless slasher that can’t stay afloat

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When an earthquake destroys a subterranean laboratory, the crew aboard must band together to reach safety, amidst a sea of terrifying, deadly creatures


2019 brought us some really great films. Parasite, Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit: the list goes on and on. As for 2020, the movies are not looking as great. Obviously, it is January, the beginning of the year, where most films go to die (unless you are competing for an award). However, if things stay consistent, we may be in for a rough time ahead.

The biggest issue I have with Underwater is its characters. They were not so much annoying, as they were bland and lifeless. From a surface level, they all seem like nice people, but no one, (besides Kristen Stewart) does anything to make you truly care about them. Even now, I can not seem to remember anyone’s name or their role in the film, even though all the acting is decent, for the most part. Whenever it seems like something might happen, that would make a character more engaging, the story never follows up with any backstories or context that you would expect to see.

As for the story, I struggle to remember anything that happened in this movie. For the majority of the 95 minute runtime (which felt a lot longer, now that I think about it), it is just another slasher flick. Jump scares happen left and right, the cinematography starts to get irritating, around the final act, and the CGI is dark and lifeless mess. I also would have liked to see more of the subterranean facilities, but I guess they did not have that in the budget. Even the dialogue is full of generic exposition, that no real person would ever say. And the ending, while it has a nice message of moving forward, is not anything outstanding.

The only things I really liked in the movie besides the acting, were TJ Miller’s occasional humor, as well as the score and tension, which, to be frank, you can find in a number of other, much better “creature features” (Predator (1987), A Quiet Place, etc.). This film wanted to be so many things, like Alien, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and a Cloverfield movie. It does make sense, from a financial standpoint. I would not mind watching this again, but overall, it is another average horror/ thriller that most people have already seen thousands of times.

★★ ½”

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