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UK Cinemas Will Reopen To 450 Movie Re-Releases

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Despite some movie theaters reopening overseas, COVID-19 measures do not specify yet when cinemas will open their doors again in the UK. Cinema First has announced a program to engage audiences to return to the pictures through an exhibition holding around 450 diverse films for different ages and demographics.

“… returning audiences will be able to once again experience the magic of film in its truest form”

Andy Leyshon on UK’s 450 films exhibition

Therefore, in spite of the lack of new releases due to the pandemic, the UK has settled for this program to activate the sector and allow cinemagoers to enjoy the great experience of watching a film on the big screen – after three months having to watch them on the smaller one.

In fact, a nationwide Film Distributor’s Association (FDA) audience survey by Metrix-Lab has specified that three out of four regular UK cinemagoers are excited to see their favorite theaters reopen, either to watch new productions or those they already love.

“This amazing collection of content represents all that’s great about cinema and should enthrall and delight film-lovers the length and breadth of the land.”

Andy Leyshon on UK’s 450 films exhibition

In addition, movies that had launched right before coronavirus lockdown will also have a place in this exhibition, permitting them to be seen by those who couldn’t go before. You can check out the complete list of films displayed in the document entitled “Relaunching Cinema: Content for Recovery” by the Film Distributor’s Association. Some of them are: Parasite, Onward, Do The Right Thing, The Fast & Furious saga, Moonlight, Star Wars and La La Land

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