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Top Upcoming Non-Blockbusters of 2020

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2020 has already been off to a hectic start with the spread of COVID-19 delaying almost every major blockbuster film coming in the next few months. However, there are many underlooked, indie films that are still holding on to their release dates to try and capitalize on their little competition. And, there are tons of great indies coming in the second half of the year too! Here are some 2020 Non-Blockbusters that you should look out for.

Saint Maud

Saint Maud is a new horror film from A24, the studio behind Hereditary and Midsommar, about a devoutly Christian hospice nurse who becomes obsessed with saving the soul of her patient from eternal damnation. It is the director, Rose Glass’s, directorial debut and is sure to be horrifying. Personally, the trailers have freaked me out, and I’m very excited to see this film! It is set to release on April 10th, Easter weekend.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Dev Patel has been a quiet celebrity, choosing roles that may be smaller, but allow him to show his strong talent. For example, he was in Slumdog Millionaire, which won Best Picture. His next film, The Personal History of David Copperfield, is sure to be one of those roles. The film tells the story of David Copperfield, one of Charles Dickens’s titular main characters. It is about an orphan who rises above his obstacles to achieve success. The film was set to release on May 8th in the United States, however, it has been pushed back to a TBD release date due to COVID-19.

The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch is the latest Wes Anderson film which contains a star-studded cast, including Timothée Chalamet, Elisabeth Moss, Saoirse Ronan, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, William Defoe, and many more! It is about an American newspaper company in a French city, whose employees publish a collection of stories called “The French Dispatch”. The trailer was released a few months ago and it appears to be a wacky comedy with different camera tricks and parts of the film even being in black and white, all on brand with Wes Andersen. It is set to release on July 24th.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar stars Kristen Wiig as Star and Annie Mumolo as Barb, best friends from a small town in the U.S.A. who take a vacation to Vista Del Mar and find themselves in the middle of a villainous plot to murder everyone in the town. The trailer has made the film out to be a strange comedy with the trailer not even showing the faces of the main characters! The film is set to release on July 31st.

The Last Night in Soho

Edgar Wright is back at it again with The Last Night in Soho. His first film since 2017’s Baby Driver stars Thomasin McKenzie, Anna Taylor-Joy, and Rita Tushingham, with a supporting role from Matt Smith. It is about a girl who is passionate about fashion when she mysteriously enters the 1960s’ London. There is no trailer yet for the film, but with Edgar Wright at the helm, it is sure to be a good time at the movies. The film is set to release on September 25th in the U.S.A.

The Last Duel

Technically, this film is getting its wide release on Jan 8, 2021, but it is getting a limited release on Dec 25th, 2020, so it is a 2020 movie. The Last Duel stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Adam Driver, with Ridley Scott set to direct, as his first film after All the Money in The World in 2017. It is about a king who commands his knight to settle a spat with his squire by dueling with him. Ridley Scott films are always very interesting, so The Last Duel has the potential to be a great film.


Cherry has no set release date yet, other than confirmation of a 2020 release, but it has some of the greatest directors working today, The Russo Brothers. It also stars one of Hollywood’s biggest names, Tom Holland as an army medic with PTSD whose drug addiction puts him into debt leaving him to become a serial bank robber. There is no trailer yet, but it sounds to be a dark tale that explores the soul of a broken man, akin to films like Joker and Taxi Driver.

What do you think of these films? What other non-blockbusters are you looking forward to in 2020? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or on Instagram. Be sure to download the Kernel app to add some of these films to your watchlist!

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