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Top 10 Highest Grossing Pixar Films Ranked!

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Pixar has been the biggest animation studio ever since it’s creation in 1986. They are known and loved for producing original tales that intrigue every age. They produce classic content that is always consistent in quality. Here is kernels top 10 highest grossing Pixar films ranked!

10. Monsters Inc.

Pixar films are never bad, however someone had to get last place. Unfortunately that position goes to Monsters Inc. Not a bad film, but the prequel is much better. Also, being one of the older films, the animation just isn’t as pleasing to watch. I enjoy the plot and everything else about it, classic characters, and all. Just not first place content.

9. Finding Dory

A good film, although not very original. It was just a rehash of it’s predecessor, Finding Nemo. Which doesn’t make it a bad film, but I wish they would have ventured further, and done more with all they’ve been given. Although, there is great animation, the characters are fun, especially clumsy old Dory. It’s fun to watch, just not the best film out there.

8. Toy story 3

Out of all the toy story’s this is my least favorite, not because it’s bad, just because the others are better. I enjoy the animation, characters, and setting. It all feels right, except one thing. The whole film the main characters are getting tortured. For a kids movie this was a little disturbing. Toys are constantly being beat up. This makes it not super enjoyable to watch since we never see the characters actually having a fun time. Just not super happy like the other films.

7. Coco

A great film with a great message. The film gets the culture and setting right. The characters are not bad, and frankly the film is just overall great. When the film came out it just didn’t feel very original. Mostly because a lot of other films with similar ideas, that looked the exact same were coming out. Namely the book of life, and Kubo and the two strings. After seeing all three, it’s obvious they are not the same; however the idea does not seem super creative in comparison. Overall making a decent movie.

6. Inside out

The characters are amazing in this film, Pixar was able to show true emotion through these characters. The film displayed the plot perfectly, and with so many emotions, the film had me crying, laughing, and angry. The message was strong, and frankly relatable. Not a lot of negative comments, overall a fun film to watch.

5. Finding Nemo

Of all these films, this is the highest on critic and fan scores. I don’t disagree that the film is near prefect. However, the film doesn’t always work for me. Its hard to get connected to any of the side characters for long, because the film is a little fast paced. Characters like Bruce, Crush, and Mr. Ray are all great, but could have been more than side characters. However the characters introduced are classic and unforgettable. Like mentioned earlier, not each character had appropriate screen time, which is probably why they made the sequel. Despite these petty concerns, the film has a great plot, message, and characters.

4. Up

This film is classic, amazing characters, plot, action, and adventure. The film captures the setting perfectly. Of course the film is far fetched and laughable at times, but That makes you love it more for trying something new. The characters are sympathetic and funny. The ideas are original. Not nearly as good as the top three but hey, adventure is out there!

3.Monsters university

What an awesome film. The movie is able to make the monster world so casual. They don’t explain things, and they don’t need to. The film ha sour favorite characters while they are young. The film gets a lot of the aspects right, and in my opinion is much better than Monsters Inc. The plot is fun, the characters are fun, and it’s really just a great watch. Mike and Sully are a great duo, and prove that they are the best scare crew.

2. Toy story 4

One of my favorite films of all time, it dominates the other Toy Story films. It has some of the best animation of all time. The characters are so love-able and funny. The movie has its best villain yet, with plenty of new and old characters propelling it forward. My only concern, was the fact that a lot of old characters were forgotten. After 4 movies the characters just piled up, and some were left in the dust while new ones dominated the screen. However each character introduced was memorable and amazing in their own unique way.

Before revealing my favorite Pixar film, I would like to state that this is simply my opinion. I love all Pixar films, and unfortunately I had to choose one lucky winner.

1.The Incredibles 2

What a great film. It captures the time period and setting perfectly. The movie has fun action, but is not forceful with it. It equalizes all aspects, and makes sure each character arc is noticed. Even minor characters have one, like Void, and Jack-Jack. The film made me laugh out loud plenty of times. It was very clever, and had a villain who may not have been nearly as good as syndrome, but seemed to follow through and cause a lot more destruction. The voice acting and characters are performed strongly. Lots of toying with emotion, and things that were finally answered after waiting 15 years for a sequel. An awesome take on the popular superhero genre.

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