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Top 10 Highest Quality Blu-Ray Movies!

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For most watching movies at home is an entertaining and memorable experience that has been a part of our lives since childhood. From the biggest and most diversified library ever VHS to the adaptable CD size DVD to the current blue disc High-Definition Blu Ray and 4k Blu Ray disc. The home theatre has drastically change over the years and our eye for detail has increased alongside its growth. These are 10 beautifully crafted Blu Rays which are enhanced by the format in both video and audio quality with the sincere recommendation from a fellow movie collector of these collection worthy titles.

La La Land

Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is a mesmerizing musical about dreams and romance paired with the lively variety of jazz music and its diverse culture. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone delight in their roles as romantic dream seekers. As a proud Blu Ray owner of the fantastic musical, the Blu Ray highlights and enhances the captivating experience. The array of vibrant blues, reds, yellows, greens, and more never looked so beautiful. The auditory experience doesn’t fall short either, every musical number echoes excellent precision of detail, making certain it’s audience hears every instrument and lyric. I bet most have seen or have at least heard of the Best Picture nominee, but no matter if you are revisiting or discovering this soon to be classic, the Blu Ray is the way to go.

Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins has done a remarkable job reimagining the iconic Wonder Woman superhero. Gal Godot is picture-perfect for this role, just as most hear Kevin Conroy when reading Batman comics, Gal Godot is set to be embedded in the minds of superhero fans forever. Already astonishing in IMAX, the Blu Ray impresses more with a whole new visual and auditory experience. Every scene distinguishes itself with drastic, yet appropriate color changes. The batter torn locations drenched in graining grays. It gives off a dirty and desolate look and tone which is much more noticeable on the Blu Ray transfer. The IMAX viewing experience was enjoyable but when the Blu Ray intros long sweeping shot over the Amazon’s homeland the screen is breathing with crisp ocean blues and earthly greens. The score is phenomenal and soars through any home theater sound setup. Most have seen the groundbreaking female-led superhero film but if you haven’t check it out this is your sign. If you have then it is time to rediscover the movie on vibrant 1080p Blu Ray.

The Dark Knight

Arguably the most own Blu Ray as it was bundled with most PS3 consoles. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight was revolutionary for the superhero genre and helped paved the way to taking the genre seriously. Similarly, The Dark Knight is a grand spectacle even for Blu Ray. Owning first the DVD I always missed out on the IMAX sequences which took the film to higher heights. The Blu Ray eliminates that limitation including a full 16:9 aspect ratio instead of standard 2.39:1 or 21:9. On paper, it doesn’t seem to make a difference but it truly does, for someone who didn’t see The Dark Knight in theater the Blu Ray does suffice even if it is on a smaller scale. There is something unique when a Blu Ray film keeps the IMAX ratio while most movies eliminate that feature. The terrifying yet impressive introduction of Heath Ledger’s Joker in the bank robbery scene wouldn’t be the same without the biggest view possible to notice every precise and calculated genius filmmaking that Nolan always offers.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise has had an iconic career starring in almost every type of genre known to mankind. Notably, his action pack spy thriller Mission Impossible franchise has been popular for years and has been known for Tom Cruise’s most insane practical stunts, granting him the nickname the only true last action movie star left in Hollywood. Fallout also follows the latest trend of longtime franchises revamping themselves almost as a soft reboot to change direction and tone moving forward. Beginning with Ghost Protocol the spy thriller saga has stepped up to a grander scale and the IMAX scenes are evident of this change. The benefit of Blu Ray is a viewer is allowed to witness those full-screen moments right on their home theatre instead of having all scenes limited to Letterboxd format. Fallout is clever with its IMAX scenes as they are seamless. An impressive achievement for a movie that is majorly shot in the ratio, 40 minutes of its 148 minutes runtime is dominated by its presence. To put in perspective, watch Fallout on a 60 inch Samsung TV with surround sound. Not only will you get to hear the classic Mission Impossible score, every superbike or car, but you’ll also get to see Tom Cruise skydive in full IMAX.

First Man

Damien Chazelle’s historical space biopic First Man is an excellent experience in visuals and sound quality. From the first scene to the outstanding moon landing sequence, First Man delights the senses. The authentic ruffling of the rocket’s bolts, the growl of the powerful engine, the blazing fire pushing the rocket into the stratosphere, and intense buzzing of command controls. Every ounce of First Man puts its audience in the seat of an astronaut. The IMAX experience was breathtaking, especially during the monumental moon landing scene in full IMAX aspect ratio, but the Blu Ray provides a much more personal encounter for its viewers. Not only does it draw more attention to First Man’s delightful visual and auditory sensations, but the human aspect of the astronaut’s home life entices viewers as well. It is such a benefit of seeing a gigantic film on your home theatre screen. The Blu Ray does a fantastic job in condensing the grand scale to a smaller screen without losing its flare or quality.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Any Star Wars movie, besides Episode I and Episode II could have a place on this list for best Blu Ray quality. Especially the sequel trilogy which in my opinion has the best dynamic movie sequences in any of the three main sagas. This brings the Star Wars Saga to a whole new level in cinematics. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker is an epically beautiful movie that is even more captivating on Blu Ray. The first battle encounter of Rey and Klyo across locations is easily the most impressive battle sequence I’ve ever seen. As always sound is a huge aspect of Star Wars movies too. If it wasn’t for immersive sound Star Wars wouldn’t feel the same, let alone if that experience wasn’t competitive on home theaters it would diminish the viewing. Fortunately, Rise of Skywalker continues to hold to that promise as the movie sounds astounding with a great blend of precise sound mixing, sound editing, and score. The final Rey and Kylo battle on Exocol is an unforgettable moment when there is nothing but the sound of the waves and the deep breathing of two warriors.

Eyes Without a Face

Georges Franju’s Eyes Without a Face is an amazing 1960 French horror film. For those looking to discovered the masterpiece you can thankfully buy a remaster from the Criterion Collection. Criterion has very few blemishes when it comes to film restoration. Watching this for the first time on a school projector all I noticed was the mesmerizing and haunting story but now the beautiful restored black and white visuals are alluring. The restoration does a great job of eliminating film grain and visual noise seen in the original making the restored film a beautifully yet sorrowful watch that rivals today’s most visually appealing Blu Rays. Also, the Blu Ray disc is a way better experience than a DVD on a 480p screen projector. If you haven’t seen Eyes Without a Face, definitely pick it up or watch it on the new Criterion Channel app. It’s a truly unforgettable experience, they don’t make horror movies like these anymore.

Your Name

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name is the familiar story of the switching bodies trope, although with a welcoming new charm. For those unfamiliar, Your Name is a Japanese anime film about two teens who mysteriously swapped bodies randomly across the lapse of months, eventually desiring to meet. Anime released on Blu Ray is one of the best combos a movie fan can ever ask for. On the format, anime reaches new heights when executed with extreme care, precise detail, lively emotion, and quirky characters that are truly unique to the anime phenomenon. Now plus ultra those attributes with this magnificent beauty of a film. From the first scene to the last Your Name has plenty of extraordinary eye-popping moments with characters that are full of nonstop charm. Noticeably, Blu Ray anime is brighter and has much more contrast than standard definition DVD anime movies. This is why something like anime has a more intense detail in high definition and is more fluid flowing in movement, especially more so on Blu Ray than on DVD. Anime is also known for breathtaking music and Your Name is excellent in every area of sound, score, soundtrack, and yes even sound editing.


Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is one of those movies I hope everyone has seen. If not I have a lot of questions to ask you. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a masterpiece of a film inspiring decades of films and filmmakers. The 50th-anniversary masterpiece collection Blu Ray Edition is an excellent transfer. Another film I first saw on a 480p school screen projector, but rewatch on Blu Ray. In my opinion, this Blu Ray transfer is the only way someone should now see this classic. Something about black and white film stock is most beautiful when converted over to 1080p or 4k restoration. Shots of the iconic Bates House have a creeper vibe in a crisp resolution almost as we are staring directly into the unknown and the scenes at the Bates Motel are just as terrifying as before. The audio in dialogue is clean with no disturbance in between speech and the limited presence of a score is crystal clear. Psycho will always hold up but a transfer like this will keep the legacy alive.

Jojo Rabbit

Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit is one of the funniest and most powerful satirical comedies ever. Set during World War II a German youth named Jojo blindly devotes his life to the Nazi party motivated by his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler until he discovers his mother Rosie is secretly hiding a Jewish girl. This revelation pushes Jojo to question his blind nationalism. Although, a very dark time in history Germany has always been a gorgeous country with stylish agriculture and architecture. Jojo Rabbit on Blu Ray takes full advantage of those attributes as the film is shot on location, which in film terms means it wasn’t filmed on a set in a studio. This makes a big difference when it comes to quality because there’s authenticity which when enhanced on 1080p just can’t be replicated.

Movie watching in the comfort of the home has always been a charming and special place to have fond movie memories since childhood. From the days of the diverse library of the VHS to the transition of the versatile DVD to the High-Definition Blu Ray and 4k Blu Ray discs. Hopefully, if you haven’t seen any of these ten fantastic Blu Rays this list has enticed your interest to check them out. Let us know down below in the comments or on Twitter if they have and don’t forget to download the Kernel App!

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