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Tomb Raider Movie Review-

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I believe that when the subject is adapted screenplay it is very easy to find those that tried but didn’t manage to bring to the screen a good work. However there are those that have managed to do a very good adaptation for the big screen, like musicals or biographies, but I still question something: when will it be the time for games to have a really good adaptation on screen?

In 2001 was the first attempt at giving the famous female character, Lara Croft a chance in the cinema with Angelina Jolie. She did the first movie and another one right after in 2003. Those movies were entertaining (at least the first one), but still they weren’t seen as a very good adaptation. Now, almost two decades after, Tomb Raider is back to the big screen with the Oscar winning Alicia Vikander. Unfortunately, the movie struggles with the choices from the screenwriters, Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons. For example, the puzzles that are such an important part of the game, seem here very silly and forgetful and in many ways, it was chosen the easiest path for the protagonist to find a solution to her problems. 

The irregular plot tells the story of a girl, Lara, that is a simple delivery girl in the streets of London and that fights martial arts. However, she is haunted by the uncertainty of her father’s death that took place seven years before the movie, when he went to a secret mission and never came back. That is why Lara never accepts the money from her heritage, she never wanted to confirm that her dad was indeed dead. But when her fate starts to tangle with his, she goes after answers and tries to solve the puzzle of her father’s death. 

The choosing of Alicia Vikander for the role of Lara Croft was perfect. She gets the character she needs to play, especially the one from the new Lara game and brings this innocence for the girl that is starting and getting to know better this secret life that her family had and she never knew. She is in the right time and moment to do even a next movie, in which she will be able to play a even more badass Croft. And finally, we have a character that is not oversexualised, that wears pants and doesn’t show off the body much. For those who associate as female, that is a very important improvement.

But not everything can be roses right? Dominic West as Richard Croft and Walton Goggins as Mathias Vogel were two good actors that were wasted in superficial roles with boring cliches, that of the absent father and the villain that doesn’t have a good reason to do what he does. 

Tomb Rider: The Origin put all their chances in the main character, the really good thing in the movie. Alicia Vikander is in the right role and can bring many new layers to one of the most famous games ever. It isn’t yet the perfect game adaptation that we would like to see, but there is a chance, only if the second one learns from the mistakes of the first and if we get to see the badass Lara Croft now all trained. But can they do it? I can only say that we have the perfect actress and the Croft determination for it. In the end, it still makes a good movie to watch with your friends. 



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