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Tom Hiddleston – Loki Or Thor

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Tom Hiddleston definitely couldn’t handle a trip back in time as he visibly cringed watching his original audition video for Thor. The 36-year-old joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show when he was treated to an exclusive clip of his first tentative steps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hiddleston was cast as the God of Thunder’s brother, the trickster Loki, in the 2011 film and played the role pretty steadily in the MCU until getting seemingly killed off in Infinity War.

Death didn’t stop him, however, as the actor reprised his position for a quick cameo in Endgame, and he has been confirmed to star in his own spin-off on Disney+.

‘I never auditioned for Loki,’ the actor revealed. ‘I only auditioned for Thor.’ ‘The process was about three months,’ Hiddleston said.
It is undoubtedly fascinating seeing Hiddleston rocking a very long blonde wig and donning a (slightly hammy?) American accent.

On watching the footage, the star said: ‘I think we can all agree they cast the right actor.

‘I can’t believe I’ve got my own show, it’s so exciting. We go into production next year.’

You can watch the clip down below:

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