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Tom Cruise’s Mysterious Project With Elon Musk, NASA Finds A Director

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Just weeks ago it was announced that both real life daredevil Tom Cruise and real life genius, billionaire, philanthropist Elon Musk were joining forces with NASA for the first film that would be shot in Outer Space. Now, we have word that said film has found a director.

Veteran filmmaker Doug Liman, who previously collaborated with Tom Cruise on the sleeper hit, Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat. depending on your personal preference) as well as American Made, is now attached to the project.

Cruise, along with Noah Taylor and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow.

Other than its ambitious scope though, there really is nothing else known about the film at this point. However, with both Cruise and Liman involved, we’re certain there’ll be a fair amount of action and/or mind-blowing visuals to enjoy.

What do you guys think of the project so far? Are you excited? Let us know down below in the comment section, and be sure to follow our blog for more new movie-related content daily!

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