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‘Tiger King’ Sequel Episode Announced by Netflix

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On March 20th, 2020 the world was introduced to the single most popular documentary series ever. If you haven’t heard of or seen Tiger King yet, you are probably living under a rock or your mom refuses to share her Netflix password. After the initial seven episode run of this wildly entertaining documentary about flamboyant larger than life people, Netflix tried to capitalize on the craze and released an additional episode with Joel McHale interviewing some of the cast. While I personally found the interviews to be very insightful, most of the general public who loved the original show were disappointed because it was marketed as a true extra episode.

Netflix has announced they are working to fulfill that void, and they are working on a new episode that will focus on entertainers Siegfried and Roy. Roy Horn was attacked on stage by a tiger in 2003 severing his spine. He tragically passed away on Friday May 8th due to Coronavirus complications. Sadly for uberfans of the show, we do not know when this new episode is set to release or if any of the other colorful cast will return.

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