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‘The Wrong Missy’ Review – A Comedy About Finding The Right Missy

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Upon watching the trailer for Netflix’s new romantic comedy The Wrong Missy, starring Saturday Night Live alumni David Spade (Also known for Joe Dirt, The Emperor’s New Groove, Just Shoot Me, and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star) I was quick to think, “Oh great, another dumb movie with a has-been actor.” I know that sounds super harsh, and to be honest growing up David Spade was a favorite actor of mine, but over the years his movies have lacked “that” comical relief I look for.

However, like the old saying goes “old habits die hard” and David Spade will always have a spot in my heart. That being said, I geared up to watch what I ultimately thought was going to be a waste of an hour and half.

The Story:

Blind dates can be nerve wrecking, especially after a break up. Not only is there the constant fear of over thinking “will this person like me? what will we talk about? Or what if we have nothing in common?” Fortunately for us the opening scene of The Wrong Missy starts exactly there. On a blind date, Tim Morris (David Spade), a very vanilla guy that’s a bit on the conservative side, meets Missy (Lauren Lapkus), a very loud, outspoken, no filter woman that clearly gives no crud about what others think of her or her actions. As these two get know each other, Tim quickly concludes that Missy is bit too much on the crazy side and decides he must flee the scene before things get out of of hand (of course things do).

Three months pass since Tim’s date with Missy and he’s kept a low profile from the dating scene. With a merger taking place, a company retreat in Hawaii in a matter of weeks, and the possibility of a promotion, he’s all but sworn off dating.

Nate From Human Resources (Tim’s only friend) portrayed by Nick Swardson

“If miss right is out there, she can fine me. I’m a hello away.”

Tim telling Nate, he’s no longer looking

As fate would have it “miss right” was just around the corner due to a mishap of mixed luggage at the airport. Tim meets Melissa (Molly Sims) and they quickly hit it off with many of the same interests. Of course their chemistry quickly leads to an intimate make-out session in a janitorial broom closet.

Tim (David Spade) being smitten with Mellissa (Molly Sims)

With the approaching retreat on the horizon, and Tim’s ex-fiancé (that he still works with) Julia (Sarah Chalke) and her husband Rich (Chris Witsake) going along with the company, Tim decides he will message the woman, Melissa, that he fell for at the airport and ask her to the retreat in Hawaii. This of course is where things go wrong for Tim when he realizes that he has invited Missy from the nightmarish blind date, instead of the Melissa from the airport.

Despite having the wildcard Missy, Tim has no other choice to try to survive the weekend. He hopes he can impress his new boss and hopefully gain the promotion he’s been working towards for the last 12 years.

Tim (David Spade) gets a very inappropriate dance by Missy (Lauren Lapkus), in front his peers.


The Wrong Missy isn’t a film that will be featured at the Oscars, however it is a movie that had plenty of outrageous moments, laughs through out, and some great acting performances. As mentioned before, I haven’t been all too impressed with David Spade’s recent movies and cameos, but in The Wrong Missy Spade brings back that spark of life. Though he wasn’t all that hilarious from when he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live, I felt he brought back some hope for films to come.

Even though David Spade’s name is attached to the film as a headliner, it should really have been Lauren Lapkin’s. Best known for her roles in Orange Is The New Black and the character portrayal of Vivian in Jurassic World, Lapkin was a laugh out loud riot. Her quirky facial expressions could be compared to Jim Carrey, and to be honest she played a very well-convincing psycho.

No Happy Madison Production wouldn’t be complete without the appearances of Sandler’s list of friends from previous films and productions. Rob Schneider plays Komante (a shark diving expert), Jonathan Loughran plays Paul (Husband to Tim’s rival) and Jackie Sandler (wife to Adam Sandler) plays Jess/The Barracuda and Tim’s rival. Though their roles aren’t significant (besides Jackie’s), it’s always nice to see a familiar cast.

The Wrong Missy defines the true meaning of rom-com and even through Spade’s performance lacked a bit of humor, I still enjoyed what this film had to offer.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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