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The Next Star Wars Saga to Take Place 400 Years Before the Skywalker Saga

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The future of Star Wars is bright! Some exciting news has recently come to light. Allegedly, the next Star Wars saga, originally helmed by Benioff and Weiss, will take place during the ‘High Republic’ era! This is about 400 years before the events of the Skywalker saga.

If the rumors are true, these films will not be structured as a trilogy. Instead, they will be individual, interconnected stories taking place during the same time period.

Darth Bane, a popular Star Wars villain, will have established what is known as the “rule of two.” This rule states that only two Sith may exist at the same time, one of them being a master and the other an apprentice.

Yoda existed as a Jedi during this time. Wether or not he’ll appear in one of these films is unknown. However, he will not exist as the old creature we know him as.

This saga will include Jedi, as expected. If the rumors are to be believed, however, it will also include heroes who are not force users.

And we can, most likely, expect a new aesthetic from this film. We can expect to see new ships, technology, and types of architecture. Ones that have not yet been explored in Star Wars cinema.

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