The Mandalorian: Chapter 3 Review (Spoilers)

So far The Mandalorian has garnered mixed reactions from fans. Some fans are absolutely loving the new direction the show is taking Star Wars, however, others have found problems in the slow pacing and short episodes. Even though I did not care for the first two episodes of the show, I can tell you Episode 3, is pretty amazing. This episode is everything I wanted when they first announced this show.

The third chapter, titled “The Sin” is filled with killer action sequences, exciting reveals, and intense emotions, all things that have been lacking in the first two episodes. It also fully commits to the darker tone and features a more compelling mystery. Episode 3 starts with the internet’s new favorite duo, Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, heading back to Mandalore. From there Mandalorian meets back up with his client played by Werner Herzog.

Mandalorian then receives a hefty payday after turning in Baby Yoda to the mysterious client. The Client emphasizes how important the creature is to him raising the question of what he plans to do with it. Destressed over turning in his friend, Mandalorian heads underground to meet up with the rest of the Mandalorians. It is revealed that the Mandalorians went into hiding after The Empire was defeated. The Mandalorian receives new armor as we are given glimpses into his childhood.

After meeting with Greef and being deemed a hero, Mandalorian is encouraged to go back in order to find out what happened to Baby Yoda. He breaks into their base and steals Baby Yoda. However, the doctor tells him that he is trying to save it. Stormtroopers attempt to stop him but they are no match for his nifty equipment. Mandalorian escapes, however, a bounty is put on his head and before long he is surrounded by other bounty hunters. Greef tries to reason with him but The Mandalorian has already made up his mind.

This leads to one of the best action sequences in the history of Star Wars. Every time it seems the fight is over and The Mandalorian is done, he finds a way to outsmart his opponents. One of the biggest reveals in the episode comes when The Mandalorian is trapped in a corner by bounty hunters. It seems like it is over then all of a sudden an army of Mandalorians flies in to save him. This allows him to escape with Baby Yoda to his ship where he is confronted by Greef. In an attempt to stop The Mandalorian, Greef ends up getting shot. However, in the end, it is revealed that he is in fact still alive as the Mandalorian files off with Baby Yoda.

One of the reasons this episode works so well is the directing. Director Deborah Chow, who will be heading up the Obi-Wan series, absolutely knocked it out of the park. She delivered fantastic action sequences and huge reveals. I was also impressed with her ability to convey emotions through the Mandalorian, even though his face is never shown. The production value and VFX for this episode are also top-notch.

This episode is also great at developing The Mandalorian’s character and motivations. The teases to his back story reveal a tragic and intriguing origin. Also, the reveal earlier in the episode that he is fully committed to his job, made the ending where he deified his orders even more powerful. Overall, this episode was just fantastic and really captured the magic of Star Wars. This was definitely the best episode so far and I hope the show can continue in this direction!


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