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The King Review- A Weak But Enjoyable Film

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Hal, wayward prince and heir to the English throne, is crowned King Henry V after his tyrannical father dies. Now the young king must navigate palace politics, the war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life.

This film was so much better than people said. I had no issues with the story, the directing or the acting. The beginning dragged a bit and it didn’t really get going until Hal became King, but it kind of has to have that slow start with a story like this, so I’m not too fussed.

Timothée Chalamet delivers another stellar performance, reminding us why he’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. He leads this whole movie, and if it wasn’t for him the star rating would definitely be lower because of how incredible his performance is. 

Joel Edgerton is surprisingly incredible at playing John Falstaff, that if you didn’t know he was in the movie, you probably wouldn’t connect it was him. 

Robert Pattinson is great like everyone is saying, getting all the laughs. However, I thought he’d have more screen time, he was only on screen for a few minutes. I have to say though, he was nowhere near as funny as I expected considering the hype around him for this role. Still a really enjoyable character making me more excited to see The Lighthouse.

Same can be said for Lily-Rose Deep, she’s on screen for only a short amount of time, but when she is, she’s brilliant!

The action sequence in the final act is pretty great. Pretty funny that the woman next to me had closed her eyes and had her fingers in here ears the whole battle saying ‘I don’t like it’ to herself, because of how dark and realistic it got. There were even gasps from the audience because it just felt so raw and so real.

There were times where it did feel like a Netflix show, over a film, which was a bit disappointing, but everything else that what was bought to those scenes made them worthwhile.

The King is better than many have said, it’s got incredible acting from all the cast, and Chalamet wows the audience in every scene he’s in.



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