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The Gold Finch Review – Flys low and falls flat.

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The Golden Finch is based on a novel by Donna Tartt. The book is a coming-of-age story about Theodore Decker, he was in a museum when a bomb went off. He survives, but, the explosion had his mother killed. When he wakes up he talks to a guy named Blackwell who seems to be talking nonsense and tells him to take the painting. The painting is called The Goldfinch- like the name of the movie.

Now this movie is beautiful and stunning, the music was classical and used in all the right places. Sadly that’s where the good things end. The rest of the movie fell flat, the story was very long and at most times boring. I did enjoy bits and peices of the film, but in the end this movie didnt seem to know what it was. Nor did it seem to have a very straightforward point.

The runtime of the movie is a little over 2 1/2 hours, sitting through the whole thing In my opinion didnt amount to much in that time frame. Like I said I left the theater not really sure what the main idea was, it’s a bit disappointing because I felt that it had a chance to be good. However, it had some spots that shone mainly relating to the classical music.

I’m actually probably going to be checking out the book to see what part were left untold and give the written story a chance. So the golden Finch, unless your into artsy type stuff then I would probably pass up on this one. It’s not really for the average move goers.



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