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The Gentlemen Trailer RELEASED!

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It hasn’t even been a year since Guy Ritchie took us on that magic carpet ride that was Aladdin; however, just like a real magician, he’s had something else up his sleeve this entire time. That something is The Gentlemen.

Tap the video above to watch the trailer! The official synopsis of the film is as follows: “A British drug lord tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires.”

The film stars Academy Award Winning Actor Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar), Charlie Hunnam (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword), Henry Golding (the upcoming Last Christmas), Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), Jeremy Strong (HBO’s Succession), Colin Farrell (Dumbo), and Hugh Grant (Paddington 2).

What do you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to The Gentlemen? Add it to your Kernel watchlist to be notified as the release date nears!

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