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‘The Clone Wars’ Star Sam Witwer on George Lucas & Season 7

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If anything is keeping people going during this time it is Season 7 of The Clone Wars. Within the last few days, Sam Witwer who portrays Maul in the animated series recently described what he has enjoyed most in working on the final arc of the Clone Wars.

“The pacing is really great. The editing is fantastic. The cinematography is better than anything we’ve ever done. The sound design too. The music is Kevin Kiner’s best stuff on The Clone Wars I think. It’s really, really good.”

As some of you may have already seen, it’s really is thrilling stuff to any Star Wars fan out there. The cleverest amongst us are building home cinema systems to binge the series how it ought to be enjoyed.

“I think all the actors are on point, and the animation is awesome too.”

Witwer, who has portrayed Maul in various Star Wars animations, stars alongside the likes of the ever so loyal Tom Kane, Dee Bradley Baker and Matt Lanter in the long-running series. Furthermore, Witwer revealed that George Lucas has been giving episode to episode feedback to the creative team and cast.

“George [Lucas] has been calling Dave and giving him nice little comments on the episodes. I really, really hope we get some positive feedback from the maker himself”

It’s going to be hardly surprising that Lucas wouldn’t approve this season considering how brilliantly executed the first episodes were. The Kernel team will be keeping you up to date with all the latest regarding The Clone Wars and the rest of the Star Wars universe.

P.S. I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me back onto the Kernel team after my hiatus. I can’t wait get working with everyone again and share all we love about movies.

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