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‘The Batman’ Score Already Has a Rock Version

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As it was reported last year, Michael Giacchino will be composing the score for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. We haven’t heard any of his score for the film, well, not before the one minute teaser were we finally got a first look at Robert Pattinson wearing the mantle of Batman himself. We not only got a look at Batman but we also heard Michael’s score. The score sounds very different from previous works of Giacchino including Up, Spider-Man Homecoming, The Incredibles, and many others. His work is very well known for using Jazz music and very emotional pieces that enhance the characters in the film. From what we heard in the teaser, this score will be much darker and more serious, perfectly suiting The Batman character.

Michael Giacchino

Just those few seconds of score were necessary to inspire a fan and make a cover for the music in the clip. This time taking a twist from Jazz and instrumental music and going into the rock genere. This style could potentially suit Batman as well given his gritty personality in comics. The piece sounds awesome and very original. It really feels like it could be from the movie itself if it were to have a faster pace and more action packed scenes, which is yet to be known.

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