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SXSW Cancelled Due To Coronavirus!

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The SXSW film festival has been cancelled this year due to the continually growing coronavirus threat. The event is held in Austin, Texas on March 13-22. The festival celebrates film, technology, and music. Each year people go to see the festival’s diverse movies, to go to conferences, and to have the chance to prove themselves for the filmmakers they are. Each year over a hundred thousand people go. While this presents opportunities for a lot of people in the film industry, it is also a major threat.

54,000 people signed the petition to cancel the festival. Local health officers stated that it “ wouldn’t be smart to gather so many people in one place.” Due to the growing threat of coronavirus, thousands of people will lose money and opportunities that only come every so often.

The coronavirus has already cancelled/postponed many movies and events, including No Time To Die being pushed back to November and the possibility of the Olympics being cancelled. Each day brings a new concern as the coronavirus spreads across the globe. And while Austin is said to not have any cases of the virus so far, it’s obvious why they don’t want to risk it by bringing in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Officials have tried to delay the possibility, but now that it’s so close they have needed to admit the obvious. Coronavirus is spreading without cease, and is causing problems for many major events.

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