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Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker Review – it truly went to hyper speed.

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After 40 years in the making, the Skywalker saga comes to a conclusion with Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker and it delivers almost everything Star Wars fans wanted.

I cried, laughed, jumped, and was simply at the edge of the seat the entire film. JJ did it; he has accomplished a phenomenal film with a beautiful finale which was a huge responsibility for him specially after The Last Jedi unanswered plot holes. 

The film is by no means perfect; let’s start off the review with the bad.

The movie truly goes in to hyper speed with its pacing which made it loose the tension, happiness, excitement that the film wanted you to have. Everything simply happened way too fast, it tries to cram way too much plot in to one film. It could have easily been a 3 hour movie yet it was only 2 hours and 20 minutes. 

First act was also pretty weak since it tries to fix the issues that the previous films had. A great example of this is are the Knights of Ren. Star Wars has been teasing them since The Force Awakens and yes, they appear on the film yet aren’t as epic and evil because of the pacing. 

There’s a bunch of fantastic new characters yet don’t have the screen time they deserve because of time. (I’m sure we will be getting Disney+ series with them so I’m down).

Let’s move over to the good. If you consider yourself a huge Star Wars fan, this film is handcrafted for you. There’s a bunch of great cameos that you just won’t stop smiling. (Or crying)

Fan service is also truly delivered which may seem too much at some times but I loved every single aspect of it.


Characters that stood out the most to me are Kylo, Rey, C3PO, Leia and surprisingly Rose! Kylo Ren is amazing since they added a lot to his character arch. We finally get the answers about Rey’s past. C3PO has a very big role which I adored since he’s been here from the very beginning. Leia’s role is massive which surprised me heavily. They used a lot of unused footage in ways that I didn’t expect. Rose’s character in The Last Jedi was pretty useless in the role of the film, and in The Rise of Skywalker she’s not in it a lot yet feels like she’s useful to the Resistance.

Cinematography is one of this film’s strongest points. There are so many scenes that are just visually pleasing and jaw dropping. First one that comes to mind is the fight between Kylo and Rey in the middle of the ocean. 

Action sequences are awesome and really well made. From lightsaber duels, from sith troopers, to space battles. Holy moly are they incredible.

Concluding my review; even though the pacing of the film was way too rushed, the film flies by. I take that as a positive aspect as well since you’re truly entertained and fully invested in the film which is not something you can say about every movie. We can’t wait to share our spoiler review this Friday since there is so much that I couldn’t say in this review. 

Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker is a phenomenal ride of emotions that truly makes you go to hyper speed in a lot of ways. Bring tissues. You’ll need them.


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