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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland – review

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If you are a Star Wars fan, chances are high you’ll want to visit the new Star Wars themed lands in both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. Today. we are giving you our review of this new immersive land. This review is based on the one in Disneyland Park.

Beware of the First Order!

First off, the land is huge. Once you’re in, you will forget that you are in sunny California and truly believe you are on a remote alien planet. The land basically consists of two parts, a remote forrest area where the Resistance resides and the market area where the First Order resides. Both lands are impressive, but the market area felt the most like Star Wars. With many shops and diners there was a lot to see, buy and eat. Personally, I was a big fan of both the Blue Milk and Ronto Wrap.

A podracer engine roasts the meat at Ronto Roasters

Inside the shops, there are many things to buy. You can purchase your own Jedi robes, adopt a pet, buy a handmade toy or look for unique souvenirs from Black Spire Outpost. By far the coolest shop in the land is Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. This shop, located up the stairway next to the Millennium Falcon, offers replica’s, costumes and more based on every single Star Wars film. Furthermore, the walls are decorated with items from all the films as well. It is a sight to behold and every time I entered, I saw something new.

Inside Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

Another highlight of the land is Oga’s Cantina. Once you enter this bar, you are immediately reminded of the famous cantina scene of A New Hope. Everything about this cantina works, the atmosphere is great, the drinks are delicious and the staff truly play their characters well. The best thing about it, the old pilot droid from Star Tours (Captain Rex) has been repurposed as a DJ in the cantina and he has some killer tunes!

Breaks, breaks, where are the breaks?!?!

At the moment, there is just one ride in the land. Another one, Rise of the Resistance, is due to open in Florida in December and in Anaheim in January. Nevertheless, the one ride that is open ride now was one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever done. As a huge Star Wars fan ever since I was three years old, I’ve always wanted to sit on Han Solo’s chair and pilot the Millennium Falcon. Galaxy’s Edge gives you this opportunity. Once you are in the Falcon, everything is just like you remember from the films. Every detail is there, you can for instance find the training remote and helmet Luke used in A New Hope. Piloting the Falcon is just as you’ve seen Han, Chewie and Rey do in the movies. One thing I must say, for your first flight ask to be the pilot. I did and it made the experience so much better. Afterwards I was an engineer and gunner and pilot is by far the best position to have.

Chewie. we’re home…

There are two premium experiences in Galaxy’s Edge, as in they require an extra fee to participate. One of those allows you to build your own lightsaber. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this. I did however build my very own droid at Droid Depot! This experience was really special, first you had to chose if you wanted to make a R2 or BB unit. Afterwards you chose your parts from a conveyor belt and started building your new droid buddy. Once activated, the droid responds to multiple things in the land. If you bought a specific personality chip for your droid (you could choose Resistance, First Order and Smuggler, which was my pick), the droid would even react to very specific items. My droid, for instance, got really excited when I got near the Millennium Falcon.

Say hello to BB-96!

In conclusion, Galaxy’s Edge is everything I hope it would be. It truly is a Star Wars fan’s dream come true. I would highly advise anyone who can to visit this land. The force is strong with Galaxy’s Edge!

Batuu at night is truly something special

Oh and by the way, the land isn’t that good for your wallet, this was my personal haul.

The merchandise is of really high quality

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