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Soul from Disney Pixar. An Exploration Like No Other.

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Keep your calendars updated because this is going to be a good one and I mean that literally. June 19, 2020 Disney Pixar releases Soul. A movie that will explore what a soul means and what our life means on this planet. Joe Gardner voiced by Jamie Foxx tries to figure out the meaning of life and beyond that what his soul is. Through interactions with 22 voiced by Tina Fey he goes through a multitude of questions and answers and explorations. I have a feeling this is going to be one wild ride.

The film is directed by two time academy award winner Pete Doctor who said the idea is 23 years in the making and started with the birth of his son. “It started with my son – he’s 23 now- but the instant he was born he already had a personality. Where did that come from? I thought your personality developed through your interactions with the world. And yet, it was pretty clear that we are all born with a very unique, specific sense of who we are.”

The promo starts off with Joe is auditioning to be a piano player in a jazz band next clip we see him talking on a cell phone to someone saying “I got it, I got the gig.”. Joe walking and talking could be used as an advert for distracted walking as he barely avoids getting hit by a car and scooter before falling through a manhole.  This is when his adventure into the meaning of your soul and essentially the meaning of life.

Philosophers and Religious leaders for centuries since the beginning of life really have been going on this journey and finding answers.  This journey Joe takes is one many forget to take and thousands of not millions avoid taking, in life we become too busy.  Too busy making money collecting things, stuff we accumulate for various reasons but in the end the true end “you can’ t take it with you”.

People seem to this writer, and you can disagree I enjoy debate, to avoid the bigger question and answers constantly.  Jesus’ message and that of many religious icons or deities have been trying to get across for centuries.  Love is the true gift and working towards bettering life for humankind.

Respecting all human life and the planet on which we live and moving towards higher life achievements and to stop accumulating and praising the Dollar.  The Dollar is a tool not a thing to praise and worship or to be horded.  I have taken this journey and am even still in it all the time.  Life brings us many questions the biggest being “Why am I here?”. I know in my heart I am here to teach and hopefully reach people.  Why are you here? The answer will change and rotate throughout life but, the answer is never to make money.

When you watch the movie I hope it begins or continues this discussion in your lives.

So mark your calendars and join Joe on this wild ride.

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