Snubs & Surprises: Oscar 2020 Nominations!

Christian Bale and Robert De Niro unnoticed, Foreign film Parasite gets 6 nominations, Scarlett Johansson nominated for 2 Oscars for acting.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, just released this monday morning the nominations for the most important awards in award season, the Oscars.

Films we were expecting to be nominated got nominated, like Joker, which has the lead with 11 nominations, followed by The Irishman, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood and 1917, each of these with 10 nominations.

Though, there were some nominations we were hopeful we could see, but we didn´t get them by the end the nomination broadcast was finished.

In the actors and actresses category, big actors with exceptional performances this year didn´t make it. One of them was Christian Bale and his performance as an arrogant and extremely talented driver in Ford v Ferrari, which got completely missed and definitely deserved a nomination for best supporting actor. For best supporting actress, Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers was another snub we got this year and also for best leading actress, the heart touching performance Awkwafina gave us in The Farewell was left out. Another incredible actor missed this year was the legend Robert De Niro who didn´t get nominated this year for best actor for The Irishman.

Some highly praised movies this year also didn´t get the attention many think they deserved. The Lighthouse was one of them, with only one nomination for cinematography, many people are shocked considering it was categorized as one of the best films of the year, as well as the fact that William Dafoe performance on it also didn´t receive the attention it deserved.

A big surprise this year was Parasite nominated not just for international film, but for best picture, best director and original screenplay, in total gaining 6 nominations, something big considering it a foreign film.

Another shocking nomination was for Scarlett Johansson this year, who definitely was expected to get nominated at least for her Netflix performance in Marriage Story (which got 6 nominations as a movie), but what was not expected was her receiving also a supporting actress nomination for Jojo Rabbit, giving her two Oscar nominations for acting in the same year, something that had not happened since 2004 when Jamie Foxx also got both nominations.

There you have it, some of this years snubs and surprises from the 92nd Oscar nominations, we´ll have to wait till February 9 to see which movies get the big prize. Tell us in the comments below which snub or surprise shocked you the most and don’t forget to download the Kernel App for news like this and more!

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