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Rambo: Last Blood Review- 37 Years Later, Is It Like Before?

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I remember back as a kid joining my dad in watching Rambo movies. They were old movies, but they sure were perfect. Why were they perfect? Well, because there were so many people who grew up with Rambo movies and fell in love with the various traps and action scenes. Rambo is a true legend and I was filled with excitement when I found out that a Rambo movie will be released, an entire 37 years after the previous one. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

[John Rambo from Rambo: First Blood Movie 1982]

So to get into the review, I gotta start off saying that the movie is quite different in comparison to previous Rambo movies. It’s not bad, but it’s just not exactly what we were used to. I used to love everything Rambo but Rambo: Last Blood, was quite cliche with its dialogue, characters, and story. However, I found the fight scenes quite enjoyable.

In the movie, Rambo lives with his niece and his sister. His niece, Gabrielle wants to find his dad and after she tries, her friend in Mexico sells her to pimps who kidnap her. Due to the events, Rambo tries to rescue her, and plots revenge on her kidnappers.

There was so much in the movie that had no logic behind it- other Rambo movies were not like this one, except for some professional traps and fighting scenes. It’s been 37 years since the previous movie and technology advanced a lot, yet this movie doesn’t take advantage of that, not one bit.

[John Rambo from Rambo: Last Blood Movie 2019]

Before the post credit scenes, there were scenes shown from previous Rambo movies. Those old scenes from nearly four decades ago, were better than the entire movie.

If you are a hard core Rambo fan, you should definitely go and see Rambo: Last Blood. The preparation of traps, weapons and fight scenes were impressive but rest of story was pretty cliche. 



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