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‘Onward’ Expected To Dominate US Box Office!

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We all knew this was coming as we get closer to the opening weekend for arguably the biggest movie of the year, Onward. Also being released in the US is the upcoming sports drama, The Way Back, starring Ben Affleck.

Variety reports that Onward is set to generate a US total of $40-$45 million and The Way Back looking at a measly $6-$10 million.

Onward starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland is the 22nd Pixar movie and planned to be released in US theaters on March 6th. Directed by Dan Scanlon who had previously directed Monsters University and produced Cars.

The Way Back stars Ben Affleck who previously has come out and stated that he will never return to his role as Batman. Gavin O’Connor is the director behind the movie, someone Affleck knows well as he also directed The Accountant, that of which Ben Affleck stars in.

With the avid coronavirus threat looming over the movie industry. Studios are already taking note by postponing Disney’s upcoming Mulan release in China along with the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die set to release worldwide now in November.

As of now both movies are still set to be released but there is no doubt that box office numbers will not be a true reflection of its ultimate potential.

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