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New HBO Max Details Revealed

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Streaming services are more popular than ever and now every major studio and company wants one. There’s, of course, Netflix, Disney has Disney Plus, Apple has Apple TV +, and Universal is launching Peacock soon. Warner Bros. is also getting in on the streaming game in 2020 with HBO Max. HBO Max will cost around $15 a month unless you already have HBO Now than it will be a free upgrade. It will have a ton of content on the service when it launches in Spring including Freinds, Joker, Doctor Who, Batwoman, South Park, Rick and Morty, Sesame Street, and more. It will also include original exclusive shows such as Green Lantern, Tokyo Vice, Station Eleven, Raised By Wolves, and more. Today the service announced a ton of new shows and details.

Aquaman Animated Show

The service announced a three-part Aquaman animated show entitled Aquaman: King of Atlantis. The series will be executive produced by James Wann, director of the first Aquaman movie. The film will follow Arthur Curry aka Aquaman as he serves as the leader of Atlantis. Vulko and Mera will also appear as they attempt to help Arthur rule his Kingdom. However, his half brother Orm will also be hard at work plotting to overthrow him. It is unclear if the movie cast will provide voices here, however, this show should certainly be interesting none the less.

Steven Soderbergh Three-Year Contract

Steven Soderbergh, director of famous films such as Logan Lucky, Magic Mike, Traffic, and Ocean’s Eleven, and more, has signed a new deal with HBO Max. His new film, Let Them All Talk, staring Meryll Streep, Lucas Hedges, and Gemma Chan will also debut on the streaming service. It seems Soderbergh will produce multiple films, and possibly original shows as well, so that is an exciting announcement indeed.

New Green Lantern Details

One of the most anticipated HBO Max original shows is the upcoming Green Lantern show. It is unclear when it will debut or what universe it is in, however new details were announced today. It was confirmed that the popular villain Sinestro will appear, which has fans very excited. The show will focus on two different Green Lanterns, both from Earth. Hal Jordan and John Stewart are likely candidates, but it could be others as well. The show will also take place in space and boast a big budget.

House of the Dragons‘ Coming 2022

While the final season of Game of Thrones may have been divisive, fans are still very excited for the upcoming prequel, House of the Dragons. The series is still in early days and is aiming for a potential 2022 launch. Little is known about the plot but it is expected to take place 300 years before the original show, and include tons of dragons. Here’s hoping this show can bring the Game of Thrones fandom back together!

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