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New Details Revealed on the Future of DC Movies; JJ Abrams’s Superman, More R-Rated Movies, and the Fate of the Snyder Cut

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A new article from Variety revealed a number of key details surrounding the upcoming state of DC movies. DC movies got off to a rocky start both critically and financially, however, it seems they are starting to find their footing. Starting with Wonder Woman, then Aquaman and Shazam, and Joker, it seems the DC brand is only growing stronger. While there are a number of confirmed upcoming movies, the big picture plan for DC movies is still up in the air. However, we now have some new hints at the direction they might be going in.

One of the studios biggest concerns is Superman. Superman has been one of the studios biggest question marks. Fans still don’t know if Henry Cavill is Superman or not, or if there will ever be another movie in the near future. As mentioned in the article, it is unlikely there will be another Superman movie before the year 2023, as still no director is attached. Not to mention Superman’s huge influence on television at this time with both Brandon Routh and Tom Welling returning in the role for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Plus Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch will star in a Superman and Lois show in 2020.

Even the studio isn’t quite sure what to do with the character in the movies. Earlier this year it has been revealed that Michael B Jordan did pitch a Superman movie to Warner Bros, however it ended up not working out due to the slow pace of the project and Jordan’s busy schedule. It is also being reported that JJ Abrams and his studio Bad Robot are currently in discussions to develop a Superman movie. Warner Bros recently acquired Bad Robot for around $500 million.

According to Variety, Green Lantern is also a priority for DC and Warner Bros. It was just recently announced that a Green Lantern show is being developed at HBO Max from producer Greg Berlanti. If successful, this show could indeed result in the involvement of a feature film. Abrams is also rumored to be in talks for a Green Lantern project.

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