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Monty Python’s Terry Jones dies at 77

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This morning, it was announced that the fantastic and hilarious Welsh actor and director Terry Jones, who first starred in Monty Python all the way back in 1969, died on Tuesday. He “gently slipped away”, as his family put it, with his wife next to him, after suffering for four years from a rare form of dementia which affected his speech.

Monty Python co-stars among other comedians have taken to Twitter to pay their respects to the late Terry Jones – from Stephen Fry and Russell Brand to fellow Python star John Cleese, who said “two down, four to go”. He was of course talking about the fact that Jones is the second of the Monty Python group to have died, after Graham Chapman in 1989.

Not only another Python co-star but also long time friend, Michael Palin, who Jones met in a student comedy group at Oxford University, said that he was always “passionate about living life to the full”. From all of Jones’ achievements, in writing, acting and directing, Cleese said “for me the greatest gift he gave us all was his direction of ‘Life of Brian.’ Perfection.”

Expanding beyond the wonderful world of Monty Python, he also wrote the 1986 film Labyrinth which starred the late David Bowie. Terry Jones will be missed by friends, family and fans across the world. Rest in peace Terry.

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