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Meghan Markle Signs Voiceover Deal With Disney

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Meghan Markle (Suits) has officially signed a deal with Disney to do voiceover work for the studio, in exchange for a donation to a charity involving elephants.

This deal was signed before Meghan and husband Prince Harry’s divisive decision to leave the Royal Family. The deal will benefit the conservation charity Elephants Without Borders.

There is no telling what project Meghan will be lending her voice to, or whether it will be live-action or purely animated. Though, I think everyone is hoping it’s a Disney Princess movie, as it would be amazing to see a Disney Princess, voiced by a real-life one.

What are your thoughts on this development? What movie would you like to Meghan to star in? And do you think she should voice a Disney princess? Let us know in the comments section of our website or on our Twitter & Instagram accounts!

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