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‘Matrix 4’ filming is destroying San Francisco!

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The Matrix 4 is very real and coming soon. It will give us the return of Keanu Reeves, and Warner Bros. is not wasting any time in making it! But something that occurred during filming has disrupted the city of San Francisco.

The Matrix franchise is about a digital world, so surely filming will be easy! Just by using CGI and computer imagery – it will be a piece of cake. You can expect small practical and real effects being used here and there, but the reality is that they are using real helicopters and even real explosions!

Yes, you read that right, real explosions. That’s why San Francisco residents and officials were very annoyed when 3 days ago the production team was using real explosions in the middle of Market Street, costing the city a couple of thousand of dollars.

According to NBCBayArea, the heat that came up from the explosions was enought to melt the covers of some building lamps and for an advertising street sign. Workers who fixed the damage said that the repairs cost about $2000.

Production is still ongoing in San Francisco and will be until next weekend. Hopefully the city will continue to allow them to film after all the noise and damage they have endured!

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