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Live Action ‘Little Mermaid’ To Feature 4 New Songs!

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Little Mermaid is one of the many upcoming Disney live action remakes! A spin-off of the 1989 classic will feature all our favourite characters, songs, and stories from the original movie; but with a little twist. Instead of recreating the same movie, they have decided to change it up a bit and include four brand new songs. Of course the old songs will still be there, but composer Alan Menken has stated:

“The Live Action, The Little Mermaid, has finished recording all songs, including four new ones.”

While it is still to be released what the new songs are, we can be assured that they will be good, with stars Halle Bailey, Jacob Tremblay and Rob Marshall. How could they not be? This film along with plenty of others has halted any further production due to the ongoing spread of the infamous coronavirus pandemic.

Alan Menken is no stranger to musicals, he has created numerous songs for Disneys Broadway musicals, as well as making songs for the upcoming Enchanted sequel. Little Mermaid does not have a set release date, but has 3 open spots for live action films in 2021, and 4 in 2022. The film stars Halle Bailey, Rob Marshall, and Jacob Tremblay.

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