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Let it Go vs Into the Unknown

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A byproduct of following up the global frenzy of Frozen is the invariable debate over which song from the sequel is destined to inherit the crown by the mother of movie tunes, “Let It Go.”

It’s now time for the 2013 song to bequeath her scepter to a new lip-sync lady in waiting worthy of becoming every little Elsa’s new favorite karaoke number in 2020.

That original 2013 tune won the Academy Award for best song, went double platinum in the United States, and became the first Disney song to crack the Billboard top 100.

Like Let It Go, Into the Unknown shifts from a minor to a major key, as Elsa resolves her uncertainty and decides to go – you’ve guessed it – into the unknown. As her vocals grow in strength and power, so does the backing accompaniment: the number turns from a quiet piano tinkling into a full-blown orchestral affair in the space of three minutes. 

Into the Unknown, by contrast, is more wary and nuanced. The sentiment may be the same – mainly, of being brave – but this Elsa, it’s clear to see, has grown up. “I’ve had my adventure, I don’t need something new,” she sings, “I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you.” These are sentiments that Frozen 2’s adult viewers will be able to recognise. 

Frozen 2 is in cinemas right now!

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