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Kumail Nanjiani Says His ‘Eternals’ Character Could Defeat Deadpool

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In a recent interview with CineXpress in Puerto Rico via Twitter Kumail Nanjiani opened up about his experience filming the upcoming Marvel’s Eternals. The normally comedic actor is taking his first swing at a comic book film and got famously ripped in preparation for his role in the film. In the closing portion of the interview, the question was posed, Who would win in a bar fight? Kingo or Deadpool?

Kingo wins but I can’t tell you exactly why yet.

Kumail Nanjiani

If you aren’t familiar with him, in the comics, Kingo Sunen hails from a Japanese settlement of Eternals and was alive in the 16th century during which time he trained as a Samurai. He has all of the typical powers of Eternals such as near immortality, super-strength, flight energy projection, and molecular manipulation. However he generally will eschew those powers in battle as he chooses to fight in the traditional manner of the Samurai. It is unclear which of these powers and abilities will be on display in the MCU, but Kumail believes it would be enough to defeat the ultra-regenerative Deadpool.

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