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Knives Out Review- The Perfect Murder Mystery Starring Chris Evans.

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A family gathering goes horribly awry when the patriarch dies, and three detectives are sent to investigate.

Knives Out is one of my favourite movies (not films – movies), of the year. Right from the get go you’re hooked. The score throughout is cheesy and typical of an old school murder mystery but works so well for the film.

With a stellar cast, you know you’re gonna get some out of this world performances, and boy did they not disappointed. Everyone was incredible with Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas delivering show stopping performances. Though Craig loses his accent at times, he maintains a humorous detective trying to find who killed Harlan Thrombey. 

The film is hilarious. It makes jokes about doughnuts, Nazi child’s and even goes political poking fun at President Trump supporters. The first real funny joke doesn’t come till about 15 mins in, but when it does it has the whole audience laughing. It’s so witty, it’s brilliant!

The person to ‘who did it’ wasn’t great. I thought it was pretty predictable, but it was done in such a way, with the set up, attention to detail and clues from early on that you don’t mind that much. 

The film just delivers in every way. The acting is superb, the storytelling is everything you want ++, and it’s just pure joy. It’s a well documented fact, (it’s not really… but who cares), that I love murder mysteries. This is the definition of a perfect one.

I don’t want to say much about the film as… well… it’s a ‘whodunnit’, you should go in knowing as little as possible.

Knives Out is easily one of the most enjoyable and entertaining films you’ll see this year. It’s clever, it’s detailed and it’s f’in hilarious. Earlier today I watched a film that was a masterpiece in filmmaking – this is a masterpiece in whodunnits.



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