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Kevin Feige will produce a Star Wars movie!

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Due to running such a successful franchise with Marvel Studios for 11 years now, Kevin Feige is one of Hollywood’s most successful and well known producers. And Star Wars is one of the world’s most popular franchise if not the most popular, it seems only fitting the brains and the brawn come to- (bad time for an MCU reference? Alright). Anyways, it seems only fitting that one of the most successful producers would work on a film for one of the most successful franchises, and he will be joining forces with Kathleen Kennedy in the production of the movie.

After the third Star Wars trilogy starting with The Force Awakens in 2015 leading up to this year’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker end the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars is set take a three year break, so we might not see Feige’s entry into the galaxy for a while. The next Star Wars movie after Rise of Skywalker is currently untitled, but we know that it’ll come out December 16 2022, and it’ll either start a new saga or perhaps be spinoffs/prequels of the Skywalker saga. Following 2022’s movie will be a Star Wars movie in the December of 2024 then the December of 2026.

Kevin Feige might be developing the 2022 film or perhaps its none of those 3 movies and he will be producing a whole other kind of Star Wars movie we know nothing about for now, perhaps starting a fifth trilogy in 2029? All we know is that whatever movie Kevin Feige will develop, the force will sure be with him.

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