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Kevin Feige Almost Quit Producing MCU Films Over Lack Of Diversity

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest driving forces behind the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been producer Kevin Feige. While he started with producing some of the original X-Men and Spider-Man films, he has now become one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. However, it has recently been revealed that there was a possibility that he would leave the role.

Feige infamously clashed with Marvel’s CEO Ike Perlmutter on a number of occasions. This alone was one of the reasons why Marvel was restructured a couple of years ago, leaving Feige with the final word on Marvel’s cinematic outings. In an interview with The Independer, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo revealed that Feige thought he wouldn’t be around Marvel much longer because he was pushing for more diverse films. Ruffalo stated:

“When we did the first Avengers,Kevin Feige told me, ‘Listen, I might not be here tomorrow.’” He was going to talk to Disney about the issue of why there were no female superhero movies, which they had been discussing while preparing for Thor: Ragnarok. “And he’s like, ‘Ike does not believe that anyone will go to a female-starring superhero movie. So if I am still here tomorrow, you will know that I won that battle.’” 

Because Kevin wanted black superheroes, women superheroes, LGBT superheroes,”. “He changed the whole Marvel universe. We now have a gay superhero on the way, we have black superheroes, we have female superheroes – Scarlett Johansson has her movie coming out, we have Captain Marvel, they are doing She-Hulk next. No other studio is being that inclusive on that level.”

Of course today, Marvel is known for its diverse cinematic outings like Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the upcoming Black Widow. In today’s changing world, it is certainly good to see. Given the succes of the MCU as a whole, Disney and Marvel are probably happy that Kevin Feige won this argument.

Marvel’s next film, Black Widow, is set to be released in just a few weeks. Be sure to add the film to your Kernel Watchlist and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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