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Joker Review- A Masterpiece In Its Own Light.

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There’s only one thing we know about life. Some things happen by chance, and some things happen because we make them happen.

Arthur Fleck is a man who the universe gave a dark background- a terrible childhood, and is bullied for having a mental illness. To quote Arthur, “the worst part of having a mental illness is that people expect you to behave as if you don’t”. This quote had a phenomenal impact on the first hour as he gets bullied and rejected by society fully just because of his illness all the way until the moment he ended the life of three rich men on the subway. I found that moment truly shocking and impactful, it was done perfectly with amazing cinematography. The moment he takes a life, is the moment he starts to become truly crazy.

The movie doesn’t just give Arthur a horrible background and life situation, but also a friend in Sophia Dumond. Sophia’s support was truly something beautiful. However, I would’ve liked it if they had a deeper relationship, so when Arthur finally becomes the prince of crime, it would’ve had a whole lot more impact than it originally did. She could’ve be been the light in the dark, as the movie could’ve soared way beyond perfect if it had someone actually breaking down as she watched her love descend.

Now for the second hour, Arthur’s descend into becoming the Joker and society’s rise up against the rich and corrupt was very thrilling. You see Arthur could’ve been prevented from becoming the Joker, if he let Sophia get closer to him, he could’ve really been not a psychopath. Something very noticeable as Arthur becomes the joker, is that the colors, it goes from bleak and dark to bright and red-ish, it’s as if we are watching the movie in Arthur’s imagination.

This movie is truly about Joker. Most movies have a main character with a group of supporting characters, which I loved, but still believe Sophia should’ve had a bigger role. This one, didn’t have a group of supporting characters. If The Batman in 2021 is anything like this, (except hero not villain) we are in for one hell of a movie.

It was a beautiful moment when Arthur got to the Wayne fence and he looked like he was in prison bars with young Bruce Wayne on the other side. The moment was a true expression of separation between the rich and poor, and it is the minutes from that moment till Thomas Wayne punches him that turns Arthur into the Joker. It was deep and absolute cinematic achievement.

After getting punched by Thomas, his descend into craziness is flawless and goes very smoothly. I’m not a fan of music in movies (minus musicals) most of the time, however in this one? The soundtrack was done perfectly. I truly enjoyed that part, and it showed his descend to madness pretty well. You don’t feel bad for him anymore the guy is a psychopath now, but you do feel depressed for society. How did society go so wrong that it can on its own not only create a monster but have an army of people who support that monster? Perfect filmmaking right there. And the way the riots were filmed later on along with every attack? Someone get Todd Phillips a damn Oscar.

Like I said, some things happen by chance. And some things happen because we make them happen. Arthur Fleck’s birth happened by chance, he was put in a horrible situation- this is neither his or society’s fault. But the things society made happen- him becoming the Joker, was all because of those terrible people and the corrupt who ruined him.

Hour one you feel terrible for Arthur and hour two you feel even worse for society, all the way until the riots and the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Now this isn’t an action movie and I didn’t expect much action, however, it delivered well on necessary parts. Arthur fleck is a mentally ill man, it doesn’t make him know all the fight moves just yet. In the end, I don’t believe Joker is Oscar worthy for best picture, it’s not best picture, I would never watch this movie again except recommend others watch it the first time. The only Oscar this movie is worthy of, is one for Todd Phillips.

So to conclude it, Joker is for the lack of a better word, legendary. One thing to take away from Joker? Treat people how you want to be treated. It is a fundamental lesson for life- past present future. A stable society is one about acceptance and tolerance not hate and rejection.



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