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Joker has grossed 15 times more revenue than the initial budget!

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Joker, led by Joaquin Phoenix, is one of those movies which no one can stop talking about. Being one of those movies of the most famous comic book super villains of all time, yet doesn’t want to be treated like a comic book movie. I guess this seems to have worked! 

The Joker has got great reviews from not just the audience but the critics making it the most successful comic book movie of all time. New figures coming out from Forbes have reported that the movie has grossed 15.3 times its initial production budget.

The movie had an initial budget of a mere $62.5 million and has grossed a staggering $957 million. Taking its profit to $894.5 million!!

I think it’s safe to say we could see Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role very soon.

Joker is still in Cinemas now!

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