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John Krasinski’s Top Five Roles Ranked!

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John Krasinski is one of the fastest rising stars of the film world. Not only acting, but also directing, and producing have helped him become a popular figure in movies and shows. He has played in many styles of movies and television series, and proves that he is one of the best actors out there. Here is Kernel’s top five John Krasinski roles.

5. Carter Rutherford (Leatherheads)

Not the most well known sports film, but definitely an underrated one. While starring in The Office, Krasinski was offered the role of Carter Rutherford. This was a game changer and major factor in his career, finally being able to star with big name actors like George Clooney was the best option to becoming a true star. John Krasinski alongside George Clooney is a great duo. They each compliment what the other lacks. Each character is unique, Different, and entertaining in there own way.

Carter Rutherford is based on a real character on the team, Harold Grange. Playing a real life person is tough, you have to mix historical facts, but also make the character your own. As well as all that, Krasinski has awesome chemistry with the whole cast which makes it much more enjoyable to watch. John Krasinski is able to have chemistry with each actor or actress he meets, which is one of his best qualities.

4. Jack Silva (13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi)

John Krasinski can be a very dramatic actor at times. A lot of films have used that to their advantage. He is once again playing a real person, he had to act out what he knows really happened and what he wants the character to appear like. He holds this film together, using his skill to help empower the plot. Without him this film would simply not have the same intensity and enthusiasm that Krasinski brings. Starring in a movie that is based on a real story is difficult, seeing as to how his character as well as the others are all real. The real person could be offended, so portraying the character in a realistic way is key to making this film great. This film is cast perfectly, one of John Krasinski’s first spy/war movies, and he kills it.

3. Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan)

Playing another dramatic character, John once again pulls this off. He took a story and plot that was already good and made it better. One of the best things about Jack Ryan is all the different styles of characters showing who they are. His character is very selfless and courageous. His actions throughout the film make him love able, especially by not seeming cocky while doing so. He just does the right thing that needs to be done. Krasinski was able to work alongside an array of people, giving him the opportunity to show his personality. He is able to be serious when necessary, but gives the necessary emotions when needed, this makes his character enjoyable.

2. Jim Halpert (The Office)

Everyone would add this to the list. And it was a very close battle to becoming number one on the list. This is a series where John Krasinski acts like a John Krasinski under the alias of Jim. He seems to not even be acting, he seems like his true self, which is the best kind of acting. He is a prankster, and in general considered the office “cool guy”, a fan favorite, entirely because Krasinski is able to make the character so like able. He did so by, once again, emotion. As I’ve repeated several times, John Krasinskis best feature is to display many different emotions on screen. He doesn’t seem scared by the cameras, he is confident and can be whatever he needs to be at that moment. Which is usually sticking Dwights stapler in jello, or impersonating Dwight.

1. Lee Abbot (A Quiet Place)

This is the best example of a father figure. He literally runs after his child that was guaranteed to die, because he is determined that he can change the world. Krasinski wrote out his character to be very selfless. He sacrifices himself for his families sake. The characters are all very well written, especially Lee. Krasinski also plays alongside his wife (Emily Blunt) and produces some of the best on screen chemistry of all time. The most amazing part was, that they didn’t even talk for most the film, and yet all the actors led by director and fellow actor a John Krasinski are still able to show emotion and tell us exactly what they wanted to. To be an actor and director takes a tremendous amount of skill to pull off. Only the most skilled can do this, and one of the most skilled actors and directors is a John Krasinski.

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