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Jexi Review- Adam Carries The Comedy All The Way

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This movie stars Adam Devine who you might know from his roles in Pitch Perfect, Mike and Dave need wedding dates and Workaholics. Adam brings a unique comedic quality to the screen that no other actor can. The marks he normally hits are of cool and confident guys that just go all in but in this movie, in particular, he portrays a lonely guy, named Phil, who is obsessed with his phone and does not realize how this addiction is crippling him and causing him to miss out on life.

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Phil feels content in his mediocre lifestyle and does not wander far off the beaten path. One day he has to get a new phone, and that is how his adventure starts… With a simple little box holding Jexi, who serves as an artificial intelligence in cellular form. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out that Jexi is not only taking control of his entire life but also making decisions and pressuring him to do certain things.

The interaction between Phil and Jexi is hand down the best part in the whole movie. It’s similar to the banter between two really best friends that give each other grief constantly. I found myself smiling and laughing almost the entire time I was watching. At some points, it got pretty raunchy but even then I don’t feel like it went too far. The addition to Michael Pena and Wanda Sykes were brilliantly done. The bossy and rude role that Wanda got to play as the salesperson at the phone store and The dumb goofy hipster Boss at Phil’s work By Michael are both just great additions the layers of comedy already instilled in this film.

Truthfully, I loved this film but Adam made this movie what it was, I couldn’t see this movie being what it was if they had cast anyone else besides him. On a side note, This movie also touches on some deeper ideals that resonate with today’s society. You see it everywhere you look everyone is on their phones, eyes on these tiny black boxes in our pockets that control our own lives, now I’m guilty of this too. But it helps put it in perspective that a lot of people have forgotten how to just enjoy life and doing things. So even as dumb and insane this movie is, it is oddly inspirational if you dive deep into it.

Here I would normally talk about some negative parts of this movie but honestly,  I have zero qualms with this film. The main concept, the humour, and the over lapping layers create a full story that has no downfalls. It’s so amazingly stupid and I love it!  I wouldn’t change a single thing about this movie.



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