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James Gunn would like to make more DCEU films!

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James Gunn is a very known director who directed popular films like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but after Disney fired him (which apparently rehired again) from directing the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Warner Bros. hired him to make 2016’s Suicide Squad upcoming sequel The Suicide Squad and it looks like he likes the DCEU so much he wants to make more DCEU films!

DC Movie News took some screenshots of fan questions that Gunn answered on Instagram, one question was: “What was that second choice you had in mind for a DC movie?” where Gunn answer was: “I had two. Maybe you’ll find out someday (but not today).”

James didn’t say which films he wanted to make aside from The Suicide Squad but back in 2016, he showed people that he has interest in making of films based on Swamp Thing and Jonah Hex.

I am having high hopes for James Gunn and his upcoming film The Suicide Squad and him making more DCEU films would give Marvel’s MCU this time a very big competitor in Hollywood.

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