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It Chapter 2 Review – it flew me away

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So starting off, I just watched the 2017 film IT for the first time mere hours before heading out to see Chapter 2. I’m not a huge horror fan myself so this was me stepping out of my comfort zone and checking what all the hype was about. Well let me tell you this film delivered! IT Chapter 2 is a sequel that follows the grown up version of the children from the first one 27 years after the first encounter they had with Pennywise the clown. He’s back and they have to uphold the oath they all promised, and meet back up in the town of Derry to stop Pennywise for good.

This was a really good continuation from the first film, it flowed really well from one to the other. I personally really enjoyed thecasting of the adult versions of “The Loser Club” the director and creators did a fabulous job selecting the right actors for the roles. Pennywise was just as amazing in this sequel as he was in the first one. Top notch job from Bill Skarsgård, dove into this part and delivered a perfect rendition of his character. Most of the flashbacks were placed in at the perfect time and I really enjoyed seeing the kids again to break up the adult parts and refresh your memory of what happened originally.

Now, I did have some nit picks with this movie and one of them is the run time. I didn’t notice it to many times. In a few instanceshowever I was left wondering how much longer Is this going to go on for. They can cut out about 30 minutes of this movie and still be an amazing film without taking any of the main story points.

Even though I said I enjoyed seeing the kids in the flashbacks a couple of those could have been cut out. Going into this movie I was expecting to be scared for most of the film and while there were alot of intense parts that I even caught myself holding my breath a few times. There was only one time I felt legitimate fear. Also the main story felt a little weaker compared to the first one. It wasn’t a horrible story, just felt like it was lacking something to hold it together.

Now after seeing Chapter 2 I’m going to reward this film with 4 out of 5 stars. I walked out of the theater with only giving it 3 and While the movie delivers and is terrific in many ways. The story and the runtime were some weak points. But I decided to bump it up to 4 stars because in the end it’s a amazing movie and compliments the first film so well. Well that’s all for now be sure to tune in for all my future reviews.


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