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Is Spider-Man’s Extended Cut Worth Seeing The Movie Again For?

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Last night I went back out to see Spider-Man Far From Home for a 4th time. I know I should have seen it more right!

But you’re not here to read about how much I enjoyed the movie. You want to make sure not to make the same mistake as before when you went and watched all 3 hours of Avenger’s End Game for a super crappy quality version of the hulk saving some people using a satellite dish.

Well, I can easily tell you that the Spider-Man’s extended cut was far better then End Game’s extra scenes, and honestly if you enjoyed the movie the first, second, or third time you watched it like I did going again is still a joy and the extra 4-5 mins of clips were high quality and enjoyable to watch. Personally I was happy I went and saw it again for the extra footage.

That all being said if you don’t wanna pay the cash to see it again, no worries we here at Kernel have you back and I am going to tell you what the extended scene are now.


So also unlike Endgame you don’t have to wait long. There are really 2 sections added to the movie the first beings super early right after Peter and Ned talk with MJ about their plan to collect tiny spoons in each country they visit.

Section 1

Peter and Ned are seen walking down the hallway at school and Ned is asking him what all he has planned for tonight. Peter lets him know he still has to pick up his passport and stop a mob.

We then see Peter waiting in line for his passport, this is not the clip we saw in a teaser where it shows his passport, but an extra clip. He is in a long line and uses his phone to control the spider drone to turn the line open sign of an employee still on her lunch break. It’s a funny scene, but you can easily see why it was originally cut

After that it cut to Peter selling some old toys to a pawn shop. I found this part interesting since a lot of these toys I owned as a kid (and still do) and I am a good 20 years older then Peters character, but they were fun to see. It appears he is selling them to get some money for MJ’s gift and there is one toy (Lobot from Star Wars) that he does decide to keep.

Next Peter goes to his sandwich buddy’s Mr. Delmar’s new shop and is buying a few things, He then speaks spanish asking for the dual headphone adapter. Mr Delmar at least acts like he doesn’t understand him so he has to ask in english, then Mr Delmar says it in spanish and Peter says thats exactly what I said (I don’t speak Spanish so I cannot confirm or deny if it was true or not). I enjoyed the Homecoming scene with Mr Delmar, so it was nice seeing him again.

The final scene in the first section of new scenes is Peter in his Iron-Spider suite fighting the mob in a restaurant, it isn’t too long, but has a lot of fun action and includes a funny scene where a guy shoots him multiple times with a gun and he falls down only to jump back up saying something like “just kidding its bullet proof”. The scene ends with the clip from one of the earlier trailers with the cops and them asking if he is the new Iron-Man, Peter comes back with the “I’m too busy doing your jobs” and lets them know he is going on vacation.

Section 2

This section is nothing to right home about and happens after Peter starts making his new suite on the plane with Happy.

The scene starts with Quentin (Mysterio) talking with to some people dressed as tourist telling them to make sure they get a lot of great shots of the destruction and post them on social media. Then William (the guy from The first Iron-Man) tells them he’ll let them know what area to avoid so they don’t die.

They are all currently in the garage area where the pulse generator is and they go ahead and set it off. Then it cuts to Fury and Agent Hill talking and getting the notification that another pulse was detected. It cuts back to Quentin (Mysterio) and he is getting a call and talks with Fury or Hill about how he is in Berlin, but will get there as quick as he can. After the call is ended he re-quotes the “Being the smartest guy in the room” again and it goes on with the original scenes.

So there you have it. Those were the new scenes in the extended cut. Do you think its worth seeing again? Let remember you can keep tracking the Digital or Physical release date of Far From Home in the Kernel app.

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