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Is a “Suicide Squad” Director’s Cut a Possibility?

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Although the DC Extended Universe has seemed to have finally found its stride with critics (Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey) and audiences (Aquaman, Shazam) the beginnings of this universe were not as well regarded. However, with the recent announcement of a Justice League Zack Snyder cut, could that mean more alternate versions of the early DCEU films are on the way?

Rumors have already started to circulate about a director’s cut of the 2016 box office hit (but critical dud) Suicide Squad. If you followed the production of that film you know it was plagued with script rewrites, studio interference and a vastly different product than what director David Ayer envisioned. Although it grossed just shy of $750 million worldwide it was deemed a massive disappointment by fan of the source material. An extended cut was released when it came to home video but those 11 minutes were not enough to change the minds of so many disillusioned fans.

David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the circulating rumor:

Ayer is clearly respectful of Warner Bros. and the DCEU, but he seems like he would not be opposed to a director’s cut. However, is there room for another version of this film right now? Especially with James Gunn helming the sequel (The Suicide Squad, due in 2021) that some say might actually be a soft reboot?

I have to say I am a little curious as to how much different a director’s cut of Suicide Squad would be. I absolutely DESPISED the film, but could a version with Ayer’s full creative control be worth the time? More importantly, would it fit into the current vibe of DCEU films?

Are you interested in seeing a director’s cut of Suicide Squad? Do you think it will help or hinder the current state of the DCEU? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to download the Kernel app to keep up with the latest releases!

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